Daniel Terrolle

Senior lecturer in anthropology at the University Paris 8, Daniel Terolle is pursuing his research on the homeless in Paris in the centre for urban anthropology (CNRS) since 1991. He published, in co-direction with P. Gaboriau Ethnologie des sans-logis (L’Harmattan, 2003) and various articles. Critique du prêt à penser (Privat) will be published together with P. Gaboriau, in 2007.

Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Urbaine · UPR 34 · CNRS Ivry

Willemijn de Jong

Willemijn de Jong is teaching and is doing researches as an honorary professor at the seminary of ethnology at the University of Zurich.

Marie Lorillard

Marie Lorillard is a doctoral candidate in anthropology at the University of Bordeaux II (Research centre Atotem EA 2963). She had a three year research scholarship and was lecturer for one year at the University of Beordeaux II.

Ueli Mäder

Ueli Mäder is professor of sociology at the University of Basel, Co-Director of the Institute of sociology, Dean of the Faculty of philosophy and history, and lecturer at the University of Applied Science in Northwest Switzerland. He has conducted several studies on poverty and he is jointly responsible for the new Center for interdisciplinary research of conflicts which offers a postgraduate training in “analysis of and coping with conflicts” at the University of Basel.

Jean-Pierre Tabin

Jean-Pierre Tabin is professor at the School of social and pedagogical studies in Lausanne (EESP). He is doing research on behalf of the Swiss National Fund for scientific research (SNF) on issues related to social policy and immigration. Last published work: TABIN Jean-Pierre, KELLER Véréna, HOFMANN Kathrin, RODARI Sophie, DU PASQUIER Anne-Lise, KNÜSEL René, TATTINI Véronique. 2004. Le «tourisme social»: mythe et réalité. L’exemple de la Suisse latine. Lausanne: Cahiers de l’EESP.

Arnaud Frauenfelder

Arnaud Frauenfelder, Dr. in sociology, is senior researcher at the EESP and the University of Geneva and lecturer at the Institute of physical education and sports. He participates in various reseachrches, including one on children at risk (with F. Schultheis),

Université de Genève · Département de sociologie · Uni Mail · 1201 Genève 4

Carola Togni

Carola Togni, doctoral student in history, is senior researcher at the EESP. She will begin a research aimed at identifying available sources for a history of unemployment insurance in Switzerland in summer 2006.

Véréna Keller

Véréna Keller is Professor at the EESP. She has participated in various research projects on the assistance and social work. Last work published: KELLER Véréna. 2005. Aider et contrôler, les controverses du travail social. Lausanne: Cahiers de l’EESP.

Alexandre Lambelet

Alexandre Lambelet has been a scientific collaborator of the NRP 51. After a licence in ethnology, he is preparing currently a doctoral thesis in political science on the organisations of retirees. He is an assistant lecturer at the University of Lausanne.

Institut d’études politiques et internationales (IEPI) · Anthropole · Université de Lausanne · 1015 Dorigny

Isabelle Csupor

Isabelle Csupor has been a scientific collaborator of the NRP 51. She is a senior researcher at the General Hospice of Geneva and substitute lecturer at the University of Applied Science of social work in Geneva.

Hospice général · Service d’études et statistiques · 3 rue Ami-Lulllin · CP 3360 · 1211 Genève 3

Laurence Ossipow

Laurence Ossipow was the principal applicant of the NRP 51 research. After working in the field of food anthropology, she had specialised in immigration and the anthropology of institutions. She is professor at the University of Applied Science of social work in Geneva.

HETS[ies] · 28 rue Prévost-Martin · CP 80 · 1211 Genève 4

Detelina Tocheva

Detelina Tocheva defended her doctoral thesis in anthropology at the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences in Paris with the title Enfants et parents «à problèmes». Façons de penser, façons de faire dans l’institution de la protection de l’enfance en Estonie (June 2005). She works currently as a post-doctoral researcher at the Max-Planck-Institute of social anthropology (Halle, Germany). Her research focuses on the institution of social assistance by individuals active in an Orthodox parish in Russia; these activities gain importance as the social security proposed by the Russian State is increasingly eroding.

Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology · Advokatenweg 36 · D-06114 Halle/Saale

Elsa Décriaud

Elsa Décriaud is a doctoral candidate in ethnology (ongoing thesis at the University Paul Valéry, Montpellier III, research director: Maurice Duval). She is a member of the Centre for studies and comparative research in ethnology (CERCE), receiving team EA 3532.

Université Paul Valéry · Route de Mende · F-34199 Montpellier cedex 5

Peter Lindenmann

Peter Lindenmann is an assistant at the ethnological seminary of the University of Basel. The photos were taken during a one-year research in New Caledonia in a dissertation project «La Nouvelle-Calédonie: Staatlichkeit in einem abhängigen Gebiet als Spannungsfeld zwischen dem Tribu und der globalisierten Welt».

Ethnologisches Seminar der Universität Basel · Münsterplatz 19 · 4051 Basel

Hélène Martin

Hélène Martin is a doctoral student in Anthropology (University of Neuchâtel). She is currently professor at the school of social and pedagogical studies (EESP) in Lausanne. University of applied science of social work and health. In these contexts, she is working on standards/deviance, health and disease, and gender relations. She is also responsible for the network in applied studies in social, familial and health policy (REA,

Haute école de travail social et de la santé · Ecole d‘études sociales et pédagogiques Chemin des Abeilles 14 · 1010 Lausanne

Philippe Gazagne

Philippe Gazagne is currently conducting his PhD research in development studies (at the Graduate Institute in Development Studies in Geneva). He has carried out several fieldworks in war- and tsunami-affected eastern Sri Lanka since 2003. His research project aims to gain understanding of the interrelations between development and conflict, with a special focus on assessing the effect of international processes (institutionalised assistance and transnational migratory networks) on credit- trade relations, power and conflict at the local level. In this perspective, he has been reflecting about critical issues raised by development practice in conflict-affected settings and ways to make conflict sensitivity more tangible for development work.

Institut universitaire d’études du développement (IUED) · Case postale 136 · 1211 Genève 21

Judith Hangartner

Judith Hangartner is a doctoral student and assistant at the Institute for Social Anthropology at the University of Bern and participated in the first cycle of the Swiss Graduate School in Anthropology (2003–2005). Her dissertation on postsocialist Darhad shamanism was supported by a one-year scholarship from the SNF.

Ursula Regehr

Ursula Regehr *1976, grew up in the Paraguayan Chaco. From 1998 to 2002 studies in ethnology and geography at the University of Basel. Currently she is writing her dissertation and is working as an assistant at the Institute for social anthropology at the University of Berne.

Kartausgasse 11 · 4058 Basel

Béatrice Steiner

Béatrice Steiner holds a degree in political science from the University of Lausanne. She is currently a doctoral student at the Graduate Institute of Devlopment (IUED) in Geneva.

Av. Beauregard 9 · 1007 Lausanne

Guest Editors

Laurence Ossipow

Laurence Ossipow war Hauptgesuchstellerin im Rahmen des NFP 51. Nachdem sie auf dem Gebiet der Anthropologie der Ernährung gearbeitet hatte, spezialisierte sie sich in den Bereichen der Einwanderung und der Anthropologie der Institutionen. Sie ist Professorin an der Fachhochschule für Sozialarbeit in Genf.

HETS[ies] · 28 rue Prévost-Martin · CP 80 · 1211 Genève 4

Yannis Papadaniel
Barbara Waldis
Brigit Zuppinger
Sébastien Boulay
Alessandro Monsutti
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